Episode 349 – Nintendo Protects Its Property

This week we review the success of the PlayStation to celebrate the birthday of its creator. We don’t have free access to old Nintendo Power magazines but we will be able to buy the Super Mario comics that were once featured within. When we aren’t flying over future race tracks to Euro-dance music, we’re stopping the […]

Episode 348 – Military Trackballs

This week MTV is preparing to come back from the dead and we wish the TRS-80 a happy birthday! We also get glitched before jumping from box art to card games based on edutainment. We’re going bowling in the arcade and after that we might swing by Quark’s bar to have a synthale with Chief […]

Episode 347 – Arcade Chemistry

This week we’re celebrating the anniversaries of Sonic and Star Trek with a couple of games that could have been better, but aren’t completely horrible. Fallout is getting back to its roots and our listeners broke records, literally. If you are looking for a whole bunch of scratched discs or want some Sailor Moon in […]

The Retro League takes over We Talk Games this week

This week we’re running the We Talk Games podcast and talking about a little arcade game called Knuckle Heads. Episode Download

The Retro League is now available on iHeartRadio

Our podcast can now be streamed on iHeartRadio. The iHeartRadio app is available for dozens of devices and is apparently included in several new cars as well. This gives our listeners one more way to hear the podcast wherever they are. Follow this link to subscribe to The Retro League on iHeartRadio or use the […]

Episode 346 – Hardware Mods, Add-ons, and Direct-to-TV gaming

This week we need a map to find an arcade and Ben Heck is mapping out the SNES-CD prototype. We talk a bit about a very minor news story from Nintendo that you might not have hear about yet and someone is making music via floppy drives. This Week in Gaming History July 17, 1899 – […]

Interview – The Arkade Kickstarter

In this interview we’re talking to Piko Interactive about their Kickstarter for The Arkade plug and play system. This project aims to bring the complete collection of Wisdom Tree games directly to your TV and just maybe even port Super Noah’s Ark 3D to the Sega Genesis. Back their Kickstarter at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1549719931/the-arkade-a-classic-christian-video-game-plug-and Download this episode

The Retro League is now available on Google Play

Our podcast can now be streamed on Google Play. This is a convenient option for users of Android, Chromebook, Chromecast, and other devices that support Google Play. Follow this link to subscribe to The Retro League on Google Play or use the link under the “Subscribe” section in our navigation bar.

Interview – 2016 Midwest Gaming Classic

The annual Midwest Gaming Gaming Classic is just a couple weeks away and we’re talking to the organizers about what will be at the show this year. For more info about the event or to pre-order tickets please visit MidwestGamingClassic.com Download this episode

Bonus Round – Polygonal Fighting Games with Chewie

Chewie from TheManaPool makes a special appearance to celebrate some great 3-d fighting games, but we only discover that we are huge nerds. Which is fine, since any joke we could have made Penny Arcade did already years ago. How far did young JungleRatRob go to make Nintendo-senpai notice him? Embarrassingly far. Chewie played Virtua […]

Bonus Round: Monday Night War

We’re running late with episode 324 so here’s something from our unreleased archives going back to our first year. Links Video Games of the Monday Night War   Download this episode

2015 Retrogaming Award Winners

Best Virtually Retro Release of 2015 Rare Replay (Xbox) 35% The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D (3DS) 27% Mega Man Legacy Collection (PS4/Xbox/PC) 19% 3D Out Run (3DS) 16% 3D Fantasy Zone II (3DS) 3% Best Neo-Retro Release of 2015 Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (Wii U, 3DS) 51% SteamWorld Heist (Nintendo eShop) 20% […]

2015 Link Clearance

Each week we talk about latest retrogaming headlines and re-releases. Some weeks our show is packed and have to leave something out, more often we just plain forget to talk about something. Whatever the case, here are all the 2015 stories we saved but didn’t cover on the show: January 26 – Canadian Truckin’ January […]

2015 Retrogaming Awards

Our 2015 retrogaming awards are now open for voting. Between now and December 31st you can vote for your favorite games & headlines from the past year. Cast your votes at: http://theretroleague.com/2015-retrogaming-awards/

Episode 315 – The Satisfaction of Donationg

We hope you want to hear about the Virtual Boy, Star Wars, and fighting games because that’s what we’re talking about in this episode. We also have a new SNES game produced on cart, 8-player Super Mario Bros projected around a room, your favorite dungeon crawlers, and games you would buy if we were stupidly […]

Episode 308 – Captain Ultra Tricycle and his Amazing Logo-covered Dreamcoat

This week on the Retro League we decide whether to spend $600 on a new analog NES or put that money towards a new kitchen appliance. We’re tying to spend less time talking about games we never played, and instead spending more time on eBay auctions that we would never buy. We’ve got monochrome pinball […]

Episode 307 – The “I Haven’t Played It” Episode

Do you like collecting AOL discs? Can you remember what games David Crane made other than Pitfall? Did everyone you went to high school with have the same name? If you said yes then this is the podcast for you! We take a break from investigating possible voter fraud to compare the budgets and styles […]

Episode 306 – Robots and Bars

This week on the Retro League we compare Atari to Sega and wonder is it better to burn out or fade away? We’re at the final round of our 25-year anniversary tournament and we’re imagining what seperate video games might secretly take place in the same universe. If you enjoy constructing machine guns and hanging […]

1990 Tournament – Final Round is Live

We’re down to the final two games – which of these will be crowned the best game of 1990?   Vote at: http://theretroleague.com/1990-tournament-final-round/

1990 Tournament – Round 5 (Final Four) Results

Congratulations to the finalists in our 1990 tournament. We started with 64 and we’re now down to the final two: Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) vs Smash TV (Arcade) Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)    71.57% Smash TV (Arcade)    28.43%             The Secret of Monkey Island (DOS) vs Ys Book I&II […]

Episode 305 – Generic Negativity

This week we let the hate flow through us only to turn back to the light side of the force later. We cover some classic re-releases and a big hubbub regarding an upcoming game system. We also go over some of our listener’s favorite generic game names. This Week in Gaming History September 30, 1997 […]

1990 Tournament – Round 5 (Final Four) is Live

Cast your vote at: http://theretroleague.com/1990-tournament-round-5-final-four/

1990 Tournament Round 4 Results

Here are the winners from round 4, voting for the final four round will open on September 28th. Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) vs Gargoyle’s Quest (Game Boy) Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)    85.33% Gargoyle’s Quest (Game Boy)    14.67% Smash TV (Arcade) vs Castle of Illusion (Sega Master System) Smash TV (Arcade)    57.33% Castle of […]

Episode 304 – Magician & Dale: Rescue Lords

This week we discuss some of the pros and cons of the upcoming Retro VGS console and there are a few games we haven’t really played but still try to talk about. We find some great re-releases and one of the most generic video game titles we’ve ever heard. If you like multiplayer NES games […]

1990 Tournament – Round 4 (Elite Eight) is Live

Cast your vote at: http://theretroleague.com/1990-tournament-round-4-elite-eight/

1990 Tournament Round 3 Results

Here is the final score from round 3, voting for round 4 (elite eight) will start on September 21st. NES Bracket Final: [1] Super Mario Bros 3 vs [3] Final Fantasy Super Mario Bros 3    77.63% Final Fantasy     22.37% Game Boy Bracket Final: [1] Gargoyle’s Quest vs [4] Dr. Mario Gargoyle’s Quest    55.26% Dr. […]

1990 Tournament Round 3 is Live

We’ve reached the bracket finals in our tournament and only 8 games will go on from here. Cast your vote at: http://theretroleague.com/1990-tournament-round-3-bracket-finals/ Voting ends September 20th.

1990 Tournament – Round 2 results

There were a couple upsets in round 2 – here are the final results: NES Bracket: [1] Super Mario Bros 3 vs [4] Castlevania 3 Super Mario Bros 3    78.31% Castlevania 3    21.69% NES Bracket: [2] Mega Man 3 vs [3] Final Fantasy Mega Man 3    48.19% Final Fantasy    51.81% Game Boy Bracket: [1] Gargoyle’s […]

1990 Tournament Round 2 is Live

Help us pick the best game of 1990 by voting in our tournament: http://theretroleague.com/1990-tournament-round-2/ Voting for round 2 ends September 13th.

1990 Tournament – Round 1 Results

Round 1 is over and here are the games advancing to round 2. Voting for round 2 will open when we record episode 302 on September 7th. NES Bracket: [1] Super Mario Bros 3 vs [8] Super C Super Mario Bros 3    87.76% Super C    12.24% NES Bracket: [2] Mega Man 3 vs [7] River […]