Episode 399 – 10 PRINT “BOOGER”

This week on the Retro League celebrates a classic NES action adventure title as well as some completely new NES games. Night Trap has been re-released, but not on a Nintendo console. Nintendo is making up for this by giving a Mario Kart tournament the same name as a classic game tournament from the NES […]

Episode 398 – Phoned In

This week we pretend to be Agent 007 and get spooked by supernatural books. Our retro junk box has almost finished it’s tour but another long-term project is about to start and you can participate on our forums. Unlike some companies, Hyperkin is actually preparing to release a new product that will let you play […]

Episode 397 – A Charming, Colorful World of Nightmares

This week we remember some of the ubiquitous order-by-phone commercials from the 80’s & 90’s. We’ve seen the highest price ever asked for a Super Mario Bros. cart, and found out that Tecmo has the same birthday as the Game Boy. People are intentionally making their websites look like they came from the dawn of […]

Bonus Round: Mortal Kombat

Due to a scheduling conflict we will not be running a regular episode this week – so instead please enjoy this bonus episode where we discuss the original Mortal Kombat games.   Download this episode

Episode 396 – Too Different or Too Similar

How many obscure systems was Final Fantasy 4 ported to? When is collision detection unneeded in Sega games? Why should anyone buy an Ataribox? Some of these questions will be answered in this podcast, but many mysteries will remain. We’ve got breaking news, game-related odors and atari-branded products that we actually would like to buy. […]

Episode 395 – Maybe Not the Worst Version, But Close

This week The Retro League fights for the user. We might not be autograph worthy, but we are delving pretty deeply back into the plausibility of a Dragster high score. We watched a human go head to head with a computer in Super Mario Bros, and we have two inferior ports of classic 90’s shooter […]

Episode 394 – Analog Recorded For Authentic Sound

This week we celebrate the birthday of Lord British by talking a bit about the Elder Scrolls games. We’ve seen some of the dirtiest NES carts cleaned and repaired and we question the value of empty boxes. We’ve got more tips for Sega Genesis sprite programming and a Blockbuster video store that managed to stay […]

Episode 393 – Not Getting Our Hopes Up

This week we are forced to re-live one of the biggest disappointments of the last year, but Nintendo’s announcement is far from the only retro console designed for modern TV’s which we talk about this week. To distract us we’ve got an impressive new Colecovision game and a new album of Sonic remixes. Someone calculated […]

Episode 392 – Sneaker Authentication

This week we debate whether it’s 1983 all over again with a flood of new retrogaming consoles being announced. One of them is a mysterious bit of hardware by Atari the holdings company that owns the rights to the Atari trademarks. Is this the return of an icon or a future vaporware joke? This Week […]

Episode 391 – Professional Boat-sinker

  This week we set aside our normal format and talk with Chewie from The Mana Pool about life in the year 1997 and especially the movies if that year. We discuss who was the best actor to play James Bond, what percentage of the Titanic’s lengthy runtime was actually devoted to the disaster and […]

Episode 390 – 100% Gold Quality

The 2017 Retro Junk Box has begun and this week’s show has more discussion of action figures than usual. We picked two games of the week that the other person hadn’t played and we try to remember which controllers were made by Mad Catz. Everyone is wondering if replacing a label de-values a game and […]

Episode 389 – The Often Overlooked 486DX4

This week we react to the first trailer released for the upcoming Castlevania television show and compare our programming skills against multiple Sega Genesis emulators. We try to guess how many hit 80’s movies are left that don’t have a reboot, sequel, or remake. Without planning it our games of the week are two science […]

Episode 388 – No One Sings Like You Anymore

After noting the creation of the Phantasy Star series we must sadly note the passing of a great musician. We continue the usual show with an odd set of virtual re-releases and a strange theory about Dr Mario. We uncover some bad ideas for the “best game in the world” and our listeners have picked […]

Episode 387 – Anti-Missile Pants

Garage sale season is upon us and we are announcing an upcoming project to pass extra games & retro junk to each other all around the country. We look into why the death of Sears & K-mart is taking so long and discuss some of the nuances of boardgame adaptations. We’re talking about a brawler […]

Episode 386 – Computer Games: Evolved

This week we are joined again by The NoSwearGamer to talk about some classic MS-DOS computer games and the misleading title of a 2017 video game hall of fame inductee. You can help crowdfund a new ZX Spectrum machine and a new NES game with dragons. We venture into dust-filled desktops and the ancient plans Namco […]

Episode 385 – Realtime Spreadsheet Management

In this week’s podcast we explore one of the greatest, most iconic, and most successful video games ever made. We’re talking of course about Night Trap, but later in the show we share our memories and opinions of a Super Mario game. We find similarities between InfoWars and Sega CD games and we wonder if […]

Episode 384 – Now in 3J Resolution

This week’s rumors of a hypothetical SNES Classic Edition do nothing to repair our opinion of Nintendo. Starcraft is now free and a couple of SNES beat’em ups need your help to get an official US release. We’ve got gamer vitamins and our listeners have picked which types of games are incomprehensible to them in […]

Episode 383 – Toasters & Chainsaws

As you may have heard in the last week Nintendo chose to discontinue their NES Classic Edition product for unimaginable reasons and we’re here to add our cynicism and grumpiness to the rampant speculation. We’ve also got a pretty crazy selection of virtual re-releases, like Disney NES games, Planescape: Torment, more NEO GEO fighters, and […]

Episode 382 – Megumi Diamonds

Disclaimer: Rob’s audio was a bit garbled in the recording of this episode. The podcast is generally intact, but we apologize in advance for this drop in quality. We start with the humble beginnings of a major computer manufacturer and remember Super Soakers from the 90’s. We coincidentally both picked paddle/dial-controlled games from the 80’s […]

Episode 381 – Arcade Graveyard

This week we remember an early portable computer and cringe at some dead arcade machines. There’s a new adventure game from the makers of Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. We wonder when coins will be phased out and our listeners are picking what plug & play all-in-one system they want to see next in this […]

忍者のサイドストーリー ドラゴンクランの裏切り64

This week we devote an entire episode to a game that never saw the light of day, until now! We are proud to present a prototype for an unreleased N64 game and we’re going to describe the gameplay, story, and glitches that we have uncovered. It has been quite a journey for us to find this game […]

Episode 380 – Quad Speed CD Drive

This week we celebrate the 20 year anniversary of a game we hear about often, but don’t know that much about. We recall games that malfunctioned as soon as we got them and we find new retro game figures and beads that you could buy. We’re judging fighting games based on how big their character […]

Episode 379 – The Creative Guys

This week we might have found someone with an idea worse than trying to open up a new arcade and single-handedly make games for it. There’s a surprising amount of Neo Geo games on the Switch, and it is no longer surprising that Doom will run on every device ever made. We would have had […]

Episode 378 – The Sinclair Zelda Breath of Horse Sim Saga II

This week we explore the history of some European computers and we might disagree with someone at Gizmodo about which consoles were great and which were failures. We talk a bit about Nintendo’s newest console, but balance it out with a lot of info about a Game Boy RPG. Our listeners have beaten some NES […]

Episode 377 – Seven Hundred and Fourteen Victories

This week we sneek a little bit of 1980’s TV & movies in with our discussion of 1990’s TV, movies & games. No matter how challenging it is do document video game history, there will always be people trying to maintain it for future generations. We wonder how many people are out there who beat […]

Episode 376 – How ’90s Can You Get?

This week we wish a Happy 30th Birthday to one of the most iconic action games of all time. If you’re looking for a golf game that’s not too realistic or relaxing then we’ve got some suggestions to avoid overpaying, and our listeners have discovered how expensive it is to build a DOS gaming PC. […]

Emergency Episode: Joystik Magazine September 1983

We’ve been podcasting weekly for almost 8 years. Once in a while we can’t record a new episode so we have to dip into our reserve of emergency episodes. Here’s one where we review the September 1983 issue of Joystik Magazine. If you want to read along then head over to: https://archive.org/details/joystik_magazine-1983-09 Download this episode

Episode 375 – Rocky Six

On this episode of The Retro League we look back at early reports of video games causing seizures, the latest GameStop controversy, some new translations, Bomberman ’94, and more. On games of the week we review the Super Scope Six pack-in game and Rocky on the Master System. This Week in Gaming History February 3, […]

Episode 374 – Cool Cybernetic Garbageman

  This week we look back on some Sega games that tried to save the environment. We’ve got to sell some games from our collections and we just got three Culture Brain games dropped on us. We’re talking about an auto-scrolling platformer/shooter and a D&D game with great music but forgettable characters in this episode […]

Episode 373 – Bait and Switch

This week we have a Tiger handheld version of a non-canon metal gear game and a pink and cyan port of a classic arcade game. People are desperately hoping that anything related to the Nintendo Switch will be valuable and there’s a Mario Maker level with more spikes than all of the hairstyles of the […]