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Interview – The Arkade Kickstarter

In this interview we’re talking to Piko Interactive about their Kickstarter for The Arkade plug and play system. This project aims to bring the complete collection of Wisdom Tree games directly to your TV and just maybe even port Super Noah’s Ark 3D to the Sega Genesis. Back their Kickstarter at: Download this episode

Interview – RETRO VGS

We’re talking to the mastermind behind the RETRO VGS who’s sharing details about the hardware, development team, and inspiration for the system. The soon-to-be Kickstarted console dreams of a return to the days of cartridge gaming, a cause we certainly can relate to. To follow the latest developments for this system please check out […]

Interview – The No Swear Gamer

Rob and The No Swear Gamer got together to discuss youtube reviews and the line between interviewer and interviewie became blurred as they are both fans of each other’s work. In addition to an impromptu game-of-the-week they also discuss failing to prevent people from playing bad games, upgrading to HDTV’s and the violent games kids […]

Interview – Midboss and Read Only Memories

Rob & Hugues were joined by Matt Conn, Ted DiNola, and John James of Midboss to talk about their upcoming game: Read Only Memories. We discussed the good & bad of 80’s & 90’s adventure games, LGBT characters in video games, and some well known and not-so-well known classic games. Midboss site, where you can […]

Interviews – Midwest Gaming Classic 2014

The 2014 Midwest Gaming Classic will be the biggest one yet with tons of additional vendor and arcade space. In this interview we’re speaking with two of the organizers about what you’ll find at this year’s show and memories of amazing experiences at shows past. Midwest Gaming Classic home page