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Episode 333 – Good Things Come in Threes

Could you use more energy for your binge gaming sessions? Would you pay $5,000 for a Nintendo? Did you have a good time at the Midwest Gaming Classic? If you’ve ever wondered what Rob or Hugues favorite #3 sequels are then this is the episode for you. This Week in Gaming History April 13, 1971 […]

Episode 332 – Car Battlers and the Revolutionary Octo-Station

This week we’re going back to the arcades to remember Bill Clinton’s cat. We discuss the value of NES emulators and hear about why new games are just better than old ones. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly a game is there’s a new youtube series that could help out. This Week in Gaming History April […]

A New Day

In this episode we announce an exciting new partnership that will keep our show going strong for years. We also talk about our favorite video game stores, NES gaming bundles, Pogs, and discovering new games. This Week in Gaming History April 2005 – GameStop buys rival Electronics Boutique Retro Classics Nintendo Essentials Bundle Mario Kart […]

Episode 331 – Midlife Upgrade

We’re wrapping-up our 1:1 fighters series with the Sega Dreamcast, along the way we forget what was a launch title or last release for the system. We also discuss car battlers, SNES games on the 3DS, a grungy Nintendo, dial-up modems, games you’ll still be playing in 20 years, and more. This Week in Gaming […]

Interview – 2016 Midwest Gaming Classic

The annual Midwest Gaming Gaming Classic is just a couple weeks away and we’re talking to the organizers about what will be at the show this year. For more info about the event or to pre-order tickets please visit Download this episode

Episode 330 – Down in the Pits

This week we go beyond feeling old and actually use video games to help with the problems of growing old. The NoSwearGamer returns to help us talk about some fighting games on portable systems. We marvel at how a 16-bit RPG was overshadowed by an 8-bit one that came out later, and we recall the […]

Episode 329 – The Tragic Tale of the Thrift Store

Chewie of The Mana Pool joins us this week to battle some ogres tactically and to keep Final Fantasy’s records. We compare the free to play model to arcade games and also plan our trips to theme parks around drinking beer. We realize that the frame rate in Legend of Zelda may have been the […]

Episode 328 – Shirtless dudes and grandmas

This week our 1:1 fighters series moves on to the original PlayStation, we’re covering both the fancy new 3D and old-school 2D style ones. We also discuss the final hours of the Coleco Chameleon, Super Nintendo games on the 3DS Virtual Console, hunks of driftwood painted to look like a Genesis, and more.   This […]

Bonus Round – Polygonal Fighting Games with Chewie

Chewie from TheManaPool makes a special appearance to celebrate some great 3-d fighting games, but we only discover that we are huge nerds. Which is fine, since any joke we could have made Penny Arcade did already years ago. How far did young JungleRatRob go to make Nintendo-senpai notice him? Embarrassingly far. Chewie played Virtua […]

Episode 327 – Piracy, Pokemon, and a Planet’s Namesake

This week on the Retro League we’re joined by Chris aka Nekobun from We Talk Games! Together we advise people not to get involved with projects that they have nothing meaningful to contribute to. We tackle the grey areas of software piracy and the dangers of drinking beer while playing rare arcade games. We scratch […]

Episode 326 – The Kings of Fighters

This week Dustin (aka Vognasty) from the ClassicL337 podcast joins us to talk about 1-on-1 fighting games for the Neo Geo. As luck would have it we managed to avoid spending the whole show talking about the King of Fighters series. We did remember to hit reset while turning the power off on our save […]

Episode 325 – Unlimited Controllers

This week on the Retro League we wonder what’s inside an average arcade cabinet and we have found a bunch of video game fatalities that aren’t anatomically correct. Someone is making a movie based on Sonic the Hedgehog. Maybe they should start with The Hero’s Journey/Monomyth because lots of games start with that. Who wants […]

Episode 324 – It’s either me or Doom

Our tour of 1:1 fighters continues onward to the Super Nintendo and we are joined by industry veteran Alan Noon who explains a few intricacies of fighting game mechanics. In news we look at the history of Oregon Trail and allegations that GameStop is selling fake retro games. We also discuss how video games can […]

Bonus Round: Monday Night War

We’re running late with episode 324 so here’s something from our unreleased archives going back to our first year. Links Video Games of the Monday Night War   Download this episode

Episode 323 – Imported Violence

Set your drink down on your gaming table and grab an imported 6-button controller because we’re talking about PC Engine CD fighting games. We also discuss the latest revelation about Michael Jackson’s involvement in Sonic 3 (which we already knew about), the 1000th Atari collection release, D&D on Steam, and bootleg Pokemon games on eBay. […]

Episode 322 – Activated

In this week’s podcast we wonder how long until we start seeing holographic remakes of classic video games. We dive headfirst into some of the most memorable head-to-head rivalries of the 90’s and we wonder whether or not Time Killers was bad. We know the activator was, and it’s never a great idea to copy a […]

Episode 321 – Touring the Content

We were having so much trouble finding things to say about 8-bit fighting games that we called in a couple special guests to help. Critical Failure and the No Swear Gamer join us to discuss topics like the value of physical media versus digital downloads, tutorials and hand-holding in game design, what Rare was doing […]

Episode 320 – If You’re Gonna Fail, Fail Like The Dreamcast Did

This week’s problems are going to be settled the old fashioned-way, with a one-on-one brawl. We go back to the dawn of arcade gaming, but also look ahead to some conventions and tournaments coming soon. You might be able to turn your games into wall art and an underdog has retaken the Donkey Kong high […]

Episode 315 – The Satisfaction of Donationg

We hope you want to hear about the Virtual Boy, Star Wars, and fighting games because that’s what we’re talking about in this episode. We also have a new SNES game produced on cart, 8-player Super Mario Bros projected around a room, your favorite dungeon crawlers, and games you would buy if we were stupidly […]

Episode 308 – Captain Ultra Tricycle and his Amazing Logo-covered Dreamcoat

This week on the Retro League we decide whether to spend $600 on a new analog NES or put that money towards a new kitchen appliance. We’re tying to spend less time talking about games we never played, and instead spending more time on eBay auctions that we would never buy. We’ve got monochrome pinball […]

Episode 307 – The “I Haven’t Played It” Episode

Do you like collecting AOL discs? Can you remember what games David Crane made other than Pitfall? Did everyone you went to high school with have the same name? If you said yes then this is the podcast for you! We take a break from investigating possible voter fraud to compare the budgets and styles […]

Episode 306 – Robots and Bars

This week on the Retro League we compare Atari to Sega and wonder is it better to burn out or fade away? We’re at the final round of our 25-year anniversary tournament and we’re imagining what seperate video games might secretly take place in the same universe. If you enjoy constructing machine guns and hanging […]

Episode 305 – Generic Negativity

This week we let the hate flow through us only to turn back to the light side of the force later. We cover some classic re-releases and a big hubbub regarding an upcoming game system. We also go over some of our listener’s favorite generic game names. This Week in Gaming History September 30, 1997 […]

Episode 304 – Magician & Dale: Rescue Lords

This week we discuss some of the pros and cons of the upcoming Retro VGS console and there are a few games we haven’t really played but still try to talk about. We find some great re-releases and one of the most generic video game titles we’ve ever heard. If you like multiplayer NES games […]

Bonus Round – Asked and Answered

For episode 300 we asked listeners to send us questions about the podcast or ourselves that they want answered. The response was huge so we decided to record our Q&A session as a separate bonus episode. In it we talk about our favorite moments of podcasting, our predictions for the future of gaming, our greatest […]

Episode 286 – Extreme Monkeys

This week we’re letting friends borrow our games and remebering the most obscure game mascots. We explore one of the most famous game stores on Earth and pick some of our favorite old DOS games. We’ve got wise-cracking pirates and super-fast cyberbikes in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History May […]

Episode 285 – You will be the one escaping

This week we’re battling evil as classic heroes and digging up some of the oldest youtube videos. We are once again skeptical of claims that sound too good to be true, but we’re never surprised by how expensive computers used to be. Classic series are going crowd-funded and SimCity meets up with giant robots in […]

Episode 284 – What’s inside the box?

This week on The Retro League we see what the kid from the Nintendo 64 Christmas morning video is up to now. Speaking of the Nintendo 64, we also re-open the debate as to whether it has the worst RPG library of any system (excluding those with no RPGs). In games of the week we […]

Episode 283 – Should we be calling these “levels”?

On this week’s episode, or perhaps level, of The Retro League we look back at the death of Commodore. The iconic brand entered bankruptcy 21 years ago and we reflect on its success and demise. We also debate which 16-bit system had the best audio, discuss the gaming scene in Swedish prisons, rare NES games, […]

Episode 282 – The Graphics We Remember, Not The Ones We Really Had

This week we look back at the fall of arcades and we discover the worst place to put your kids on a road trip. We’ve got child-friendly shooting games and a futuristic racer for all ages. Gamestop is going retro and there’s plenty of aspects of real life that we don’t want in our video […]