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Episode 380 – Quad Speed CD Drive

This week we celebrate the 20 year anniversary of a game we hear about often, but don’t know that much about. We recall games that malfunctioned as soon as we got them and we find new retro game figures and beads that you could buy. We’re judging fighting games based on how big their character […]

Episode 379 – The Creative Guys

This week we might have found someone with an idea worse than trying to open up a new arcade and single-handedly make games for it. There’s a surprising amount of Neo Geo games on the Switch, and it is no longer surprising that Doom will run on every device ever made. We would have had […]

Episode 378 – The Sinclair Zelda Breath of Horse Sim Saga II

This week we explore the history of some European computers and we might disagree with someone at Gizmodo about which consoles were great and which were failures. We talk a bit about Nintendo’s newest console, but balance it out with a lot of info about a Game Boy RPG. Our listeners have beaten some NES […]

Episode 377 – Seven Hundred and Fourteen Victories

This week we sneek a little bit of 1980’s TV & movies in with our discussion of 1990’s TV, movies & games. No matter how challenging it is do document video game history, there will always be people trying to maintain it for future generations. We wonder how many people are out there who beat […]

Episode 376 – How ’90s Can You Get?

This week we wish a Happy 30th Birthday to one of the most iconic action games of all time. If you’re looking for a golf game that’s not too realistic or relaxing then we’ve got some suggestions to avoid overpaying, and our listeners have discovered how expensive it is to build a DOS gaming PC. […]

Emergency Episode: Joystik Magazine September 1983

We’ve been podcasting weekly for almost 8 years. Once in a while we can’t record a new episode so we have to dip into our reserve of emergency episodes. Here’s one where we review the September 1983 issue of Joystik Magazine. If you want to read along then head over to: Download this episode

Episode 375 – Rocky Six

On this episode of The Retro League we look back at early reports of video games causing seizures, the latest GameStop controversy, some new translations, Bomberman ’94, and more. On games of the week we review the Super Scope Six pack-in game and Rocky on the Master System. This Week in Gaming History February 3, […]

Episode 374 – Cool Cybernetic Garbageman

  This week we look back on some Sega games that tried to save the environment. We’ve got to sell some games from our collections and we just got three Culture Brain games dropped on us. We’re talking about an auto-scrolling platformer/shooter and a D&D game with great music but forgettable characters in this episode […]

Episode 373 – Bait and Switch

This week we have a Tiger handheld version of a non-canon metal gear game and a pink and cyan port of a classic arcade game. People are desperately hoping that anything related to the Nintendo Switch will be valuable and there’s a Mario Maker level with more spikes than all of the hairstyles of the […]

Episode 372 – You can buy bottled water, but you can’t buy bottled internet

How archaic is Carmen Sandiego? This Week we’re browsing by boxart and streaming our games from a KGB cloud. There could be a reboot of Starcade, but it probably won’t have the sort of cool prizes we want to see someone win. How long can you survive without internet access? The failures of technology might […]

Episode 371 – Spicy Fighting

This week classic games are being poorly emulated and there are new projects for emulation hardware of questionable quality. We’ve found a get-rich-quick scam that is somehow video game related. Our listeners have some great predictions for the upcoming year and some regrets about games that were sold or lost. This Week in Gaming History […]

Episode 370 – The Year of the Chameleon

Are you an avid styrofoam insert collector who doesn’t mind if your game boxes are a little faded? Have you been wondering which celebrities were born in time for the Dreamcast? How can we all help fellow nerds who might be struggling with some difficult internal issues? Which video game was the first to feature […]

Episode 369 – We Should Give The Aliens Bad Directions

If you’ve been waiting for a new 2-D platformer on Commodore 64 that lets you play as a bear, then this is your lucky week! We want to know what your favorite retro-game news item from the last year was and if there are any super-common games that are missing from your collection. How is […]

Bonus Round: Best Episode of 2016 Nominees

Here’s a little montage of clips from our Best Episode of 2016 Nominees as chosen by our listeners. Don’t forget to vote in our annual retro gaming awards poll before it closes on January 1st. Download this episode

Episode 368 – Storming A Grind Is Both Costly And Difficult

This week we’re getting sentimental when a good game comes to an end, and we try to figure out what Mario is doing on smartphones. We have a whole bunch of crowdfunding projects that could use your help, but we still found a couple to point and laugh at. Capcom and Nintendo disagree about NES […]

Episode 367 – Casting Call

This week we’ve found the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone in your life, if they happen to really like turn-based grand strategy games set in feudal Japan. If not, perhaps they would like a Thwomp that plays retro video games. If they enjoy racing games, we have a few suggestions. We also suggest […]

Episode 366 – Real Ultimate Pokemon Power

This week we inadvertently talked a lot about movies. From Star Wars to Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and from Titanic to speculating about the upcoming Rampage adaptation, the only thing that could stop us from talking about movies is a Pokemon project that could lead to serious injury. We’ve also got our top 10 […]

Episode 365 – Exemplars of Retrogaming

This week we’re frustrated with Nintendo, eBay and the NES mini’s controller cords. We marvel at how colorful Atari Jaguar games were, and get back to BASICs. What does copyright law have to do with creating Legend of Zelda’s intro theme? Tune in to find out! This Week in Gaming History November 27, 1957 – […]

Episode 364 – Finally Upgrading From Dial-Up

This week we remember what a successful failure the 32X was, and we look forward to escaping from a Zelda-themed room. Because the Nintendo Wii console turned 10 years old in the last week, we chose to make an exception to our retro-rules and take this episode to talk about the history of Wii and […]

Episode 363 – Bootprints and Supply Shortages

You might have already heard about the trouble some people are running into trying to buy an NES classic edition, but have you seen which Sonic spin-off game is for sale at Half Price Books? There are two simultaneous crowdfunding projects for new Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games and someone has made a new isometric adventure […]

Episode 362 – Samurai Darts

This week Chris & Marcin join us to talk about Mega Visions, the new crowd-funded magazine about SEGA. We also talk about virtual party hats that are worth $1000’s, a possible new Daytona USA arcade game, a 90’s martial arts movie, and how Microsoft struck it big at IBM’s expense.  This Week in Gaming History […]

Episode 361 – We Call it the Tank Hole

Some people wonder if video games are art. If you melted a game console then would it be art? This week we have snacks based on bad video games and military software based on classic games. What do Sonic, Duke Nukem and Poochy the dog have in common? Find out in this episode of the […]

Episode 360 – Space Ghost

This week we’re using the methods of scientific collaboration to beat Super Mario Bros faster. The 90’s was a great decade for games, but had so much variety that it can’t be summed up by any one cliche. What happens if you search eBay for Nintendo Switch? You get ripped off most likely. This Week […]

Episode 359 – The First In-Game Sighting of the Mystical Mr. Dog

This week we dive into teenage escapism and find that the 1966 Batman TV series is making a comeback. We ponder the future of shopping malls and note the parallel declines of malls and arcades. We’ve got more scumbag eBay sellers to poke fun at and we’re morphing into magic dogs to fight samurai ghost-zombie-skeletons […]

Episode 358 – This Fantasy Won’t Reach a Finale Anytime Soon

This week our hearts and our wallets belong to retrogaming. We wonder which socks are appropriate work attire and we don’t know how someone could reach maximum playtime but still not power-up to max level. We talk about a couple of our favorite games and some of our favorite ’90s pump-up jams in this episode […]

Episode 357 – Built To Last

This week we near the end of our 1991 tournament and two giants of the 16-bit era are going head-to-head. An unreleased 16-bit comic-book game is finally available and a game developer who helped make Dark Souls made a cartoonish TG-16 game. We didn’t think it was possible to make talking teddy bears more disturbing, […]

Episode 356 – Last Podcast On the Planet

This week we can’t decide is it news or virtually retro. While we enjoy the movie Wargames it doesn’t leave us feeling great about our age. Our 25-year tournament is down to 4 picks, but it won’t be long before only 2 are left. We are finally able to break down betting on virtual weapon […]

Episode 355 – Lucky Gamers

This week we compare Konami to the rulers of ancient Egypt and finally recognize that the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series existed outside of the Game Boy Color. We discuss some interesting games with interesting stories that happen to have caught our interest, and the possibility of Sega re-releasing some Technosoft classics. If you don’t […]

Episode 354 – Pac-Trivia and an Evil Mastermind Named Clancy

This week’s podcast is in “excellent condition” even though it needs a good tuning. We look back on how information circulated in arcades and look ahead to possibly playing games together in libraries. After another week more great games are being knocked out of our 25-year tournament, and headphone history repeats itself in this episode […]

Interview: Tecmo Bowl vs RBI Baseball

We’re kicking-off the football season by talking about Tecmo Bowl and the fans who keep it alive through web sites & tournaments. Link: Tecmo Bowl vs RBI Baseball Download this episode