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Episode 357 – Built To Last

This week we near the end of our 1991 tournament and two giants of the 16-bit era are going head-to-head. An unreleased 16-bit comic-book game is finally available and a game developer who helped make Dark Souls made a cartoonish TG-16 game. We didn’t think it was possible to make talking teddy bears more disturbing, […]

Episode 356 – Last Podcast On the Planet

This week we can’t decide is it news or virtually retro. While we enjoy the movie Wargames it doesn’t leave us feeling great about our age. Our 25-year tournament is down to 4 picks, but it won’t be long before only 2 are left. We are finally able to break down betting on virtual weapon […]

Episode 355 – Lucky Gamers

This week we compare Konami to the rulers of ancient Egypt and finally recognize that the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series existed outside of the Game Boy Color. We discuss some interesting games with interesting stories that happen to have caught our interest, and the possibility of Sega re-releasing some Technosoft classics. If you don’t […]

Episode 354 – Pac-Trivia and an Evil Mastermind Named Clancy

This week’s podcast is in “excellent condition” even though it needs a good tuning. We look back on how information circulated in arcades and look ahead to possibly playing games together in libraries. After another week more great games are being knocked out of our 25-year tournament, and headphone history repeats itself in this episode […]

Interview: Tecmo Bowl vs RBI Baseball

We’re kicking-off the football season by talking about Tecmo Bowl and the fans who keep it alive through web sites & tournaments. Link: Tecmo Bowl vs RBI Baseball Download this episode

Episode 353 – Bonked Earth

This week our 1991 tournament is in full swing and everyone is placing their bets. We discuss some shady dealings using video games & fast food as a cover, and we wonder about an eBay listing that seems to be missing its video games. We’re going out to eat in order to play arcade games, […]

Episode 352 (take 2) – This Time With Less Topics and More Street Fighter

This week we overcome some major technical problems to put out some kind of podcast. We don’t spend much time on the normal topics, but we talk a lot more about old Star Wars toys and the exact date which the Lion King Sega Genesis bundle hit the store shelves. We kick off our 1991 […]

Episode 351 – Manipulating Memory and Time

This week we ponder if belief can re-shape reality when it comes to game release dates. We found a crowdfunded project that was canceled due to common sense. We discuss the relative value of Sega Genesis sports games and we want to write our own life stories through old video games in this episode of […]

Episode 350 – No Way To Win

This week we’re finding it really hard to look on the bright side of life. There’s a lot that could bring us down, but the news isn’t all bad. Mega Man’s first 16-bit adventure is on the Virtual Console, GoldenEye 007’s multi-player mode has been re-created in HD, and Sesame Street characters are using martial […]

Episode 349 – Nintendo Protects Its Property

This week we review the success of the PlayStation to celebrate the birthday of its creator. We don’t have free access to old Nintendo Power magazines but we will be able to buy the Super Mario comics that were once featured within. When we aren’t flying over future race tracks to Euro-dance music, we’re stopping the […]

Episode 348 – Military Trackballs

This week MTV is preparing to come back from the dead and we wish the TRS-80 a happy birthday! We also get glitched before jumping from box art to card games based on edutainment. We’re going bowling in the arcade and after that we might swing by Quark’s bar to have a synthale with Chief […]

Episode 347 – Arcade Chemistry

This week we’re celebrating the anniversaries of Sonic and Star Trek with a couple of games that could have been better, but aren’t completely horrible. Fallout is getting back to its roots and our listeners broke records, literally. If you are looking for a whole bunch of scratched discs or want some Sailor Moon in […]

Episode 346 – Hardware Mods, Add-ons, and Direct-to-TV gaming

This week we need a map to find an arcade and Ben Heck is mapping out the SNES-CD prototype. We talk a bit about a very minor news story from Nintendo that you might not have hear about yet and someone is making music via floppy drives. This Week in Gaming History July 17, 1899 – […]

Episode 345(Fixed) – Pokemon Breaker

This week’s show features an interactive TV Game Show, a Sega console autographed by a rock legend, a classic 2d shmup, a lot of virtual re-releases, and a price check on some great PS1 action games. If 3,000 worthless Pokemon items on eBay isn’t enough for you then maybe some 1980’s NES action figures will […]

Episode 344 – Get Hyped

If you are ready for a deep look into Val Kilmer’s career then this is the podcast for you! If not we also discuss Brent Spiner, Edward Norton, the Coen Brothers, and Wes Anderson. In keeping with tradition we drag along Chewie from the Mana Pool and we find plenty of occasions to ramble about […]

Episode 343 – Gaming in Pasta

This week many people were disappointed by one of the most anticipated crowdfunded games, but someone is ready to take the blame. We go back before the invention of smart phones with touch screens to find a game that could be played with a land line phone. For Sonic’s birthday we look at some of […]

Episode 342 – Welcome Back To The Next Level

This week we’re skipping to the final boss but even he doesn’t know how to sell 100 movie-based games in one auction. If you’ve ever wondered how someone could mess up the controls for a Final Fantasy game we might have an idea. There’s sealed Jaguar games, new Sega Magazines, and Happy Meal boxes in […]

Episode 341 – Bobba’s Busted Cartridges

Ever wonder how many times we have talked about Pac-Man on this show? We did so we actually look it up in this episode. There’s going to be an Atari 2600 version of a comedy-horror movie and an AI is learning to play a classic platforming action game. We’ve got some nice new video cables […]

Episode 340 – Knock-offs and Costumes

This week we wound up talking a lot about games that copy other games while we tried to trace the lineage of tile-matching and falling-block puzzle games. Someone made a mechanical version of Pong that looks pretty sweet. We’ve got a ton of shareware CD’s and the backstories to characters who went unnoticed in this […]

Episode 339 – Nuclear Floppies and Youtube Justice

Are bad games worth having an intellectual debate over? They aren’t worth having an immature argument over. Part of growing up seems to be accepting your own childhood. We are checking out 40 DVD’s from the library and remembering the first games we got when we moved out on our own in this episode of […]

Episode 338 – Simply Chuffed

This week on The Retro League we are either very happy or very angry to be talking about Genesis mod(e)s on Steam, mystery NES games, Katarmari Damacy as a text adventure, Dreamcast USB adapters, Perfect Dark, and a couple low-tech sports titles. This Week in Gaming History May 22, 2000 – Rare releases Perfect Dark, […]

Episode 337 – You’ve Gone Back Too Far

  Although virtual re-releases were missing this week we made up for it with extra news. We feel we can finally put to rest the competition for the Donkey Kong high score. We find out which games have communities around them that are completely obsessed and we find games with soundtracks that we want more […]

Episode 336 – All Aboard The Fun Ship

This week we’re talking about some classic 80’s arcade titles and how to play it cool when in an arcade. We plunder a ghost ship for arcade games and pick out a pair of new Nintendo shoes. If you’ve seen one too many Youtube reviews of retro games then Game Sack has a completely new […]

Episode 335 – Mediocre Contra and the Demons of Death

This week we’re judging incomplete works and the worst Superman game to date. We weigh our options of buying a Starbucks coffee versus cheap games. There’s a good controller idea and a bad one, and if you are sick of listening to terrible announcer voices then this is the podcast for you! This Week in Gaming History May 02, […]

Episode 334 – The Sports Show

From bowling trading cards to Mario speed-running we’ve got tons of competitive athletic activities this week. We debate innovation versus re-releasing old games and decide that wall-jumping is hard. A Japanese developer is making a tribute to PS1 & Saturn horror games and we have some concerns about a tribute to the Commodore 64 in this episode of […]

Bonus Round – Top 5 First Person Shooters

Break out your 3dfx Voodoo card because this week we count down our favorite FPS games. From MS-DOS to N64, the bullets are flying and the zombies are dying. Power Glove vs U-Force (NES) James & Mike Mondays List of Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles of the 1980s Wolfenstein 3D HTML5 Continue? Forsaken (N64) CGRundertow 007: THE […]

Episode 333 – Good Things Come in Threes

Could you use more energy for your binge gaming sessions? Would you pay $5,000 for a Nintendo? Did you have a good time at the Midwest Gaming Classic? If you’ve ever wondered what Rob or Hugues favorite #3 sequels are then this is the episode for you. This Week in Gaming History April 13, 1971 […]

Episode 332 – Car Battlers and the Revolutionary Octo-Station

This week we’re going back to the arcades to remember Bill Clinton’s cat. We discuss the value of NES emulators and hear about why new games are just better than old ones. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly a game is there’s a new youtube series that could help out. This Week in Gaming History April […]

A New Day

In this episode we announce an exciting new partnership that will keep our show going strong for years. We also talk about our favorite video game stores, NES gaming bundles, Pogs, and discovering new games. This Week in Gaming History April 2005 – GameStop buys rival Electronics Boutique Retro Classics Nintendo Essentials Bundle Mario Kart […]

Episode 331 – Midlife Upgrade

We’re wrapping-up our 1:1 fighters series with the Sega Dreamcast, along the way we forget what was a launch title or last release for the system. We also discuss car battlers, SNES games on the 3DS, a grungy Nintendo, dial-up modems, games you’ll still be playing in 20 years, and more. This Week in Gaming […]