Episode 457 – Paranormal Catfishing with Mega Man

TRL ep 457 art

This week we remember Geocities and the GBA e-Reader, and are puzzled by the idea of a live-action Mega Man movie. There’s a project setting out to make a new Colecovision-compatible console, and we try to understand the Japanese perspective on Shaquille O’Neal. We’ve got classic Atari spooks and a monster mash-up that’s made from many retro platformers in this episode of the Retro League.

This Week in Gaming History

October 8, 1992 – Mortal Kombat released in arcades

Virtually Retro



Nintendo Has Patented A Game Boy Casing For Touchscreen Devices

Capcom Announces Mega Man Live-Action Hollywood Film

GeoCities dies in March 2019, and with it a piece of internet history

What Do Japanese Gamers Think of Shaq Fu?

The Power Glove Was “Way Ahead Of Its Time” According To One Of The Men Behind It

CollectorVision Phoenix: An FPGA ColecoVision Console

Random Links

Secrets of the Nintendo GBA e-Reader

Caveat Gamer

Vintage 90’s Shaq Fu Promo Tie Dye T-Shirt Size XL

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (Sony PlayStation 1, 1997 Midway) New

Games of The Week

Ghost Manor (Atari 2600)

Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls (PC Windows)

Freeloader Game of the Month

September 1999

Bonus Freeloader Game: Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls


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