Episode 451 – High Fantasy and Crypto-Football

TRL episode 451 art

This week some single player NES games have been upgraded to multi-player, but if you played as Oddjob in GoldenEye 007 then the developer of the game would disapprove. Classic game music has been retooled to put you to sleep and we’re putting buzzwords next to fantasy sports. We’ve got fantasy films from the 80’s, Mega Man from the 90’s, and a Pac-Man collection from the 00’s in this episode of the Retro League.

This Week in Gaming History

August 31, 1998 – Capcom releases Mega Man Legends for PS1

Virtually Retro

Gate Of Doom (PS4)

PoNG4 – Homebrew Pong for the Amiga


Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition (Switch)

Nova the Squirrel – Charming homebrew platformer for the NES

The Settlers History Collection – 25 Years Anniversary


‘Galaga Chronicles’ Arcade Game Saga Adds Roberto Orci, ShadowMachine

The creators of the Nintendo 64 GoldenEye have officially ruled: Oddjob is cheating

Romhacking Spotlight – Hacks that adds a second player

Drift Off With Music Box Classics, A Series Of Gaming Soundtracks In Lullaby Form

Caveat Gamer

CRYPTO LEAGUE – First Soccer Manager on Blockchain!

Random Links

Super Mario Creator Warns Gaming Industry: Don’t Be Too Greedy

Miyamoto Doesn’t Want To Make An MMORPG Because It Would Be Boring

Steam vastly improves life for Linux gamers

Games of The Week

Holosseum (Arcade)

Pac-Man Collection (Game Boy Advance)

Freeloader Game of the Month



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