Episode 450 – Tom Clancy’s Sugary Water

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This week we remember one of the earliest tactical FPS games as well as one of the most successful 32-bit platformers. You can use your SNES Classic Mini to play actual SNES carts, and if you loved Smash TV then we might have a game you’d like, but we can’t be sure of that since we had never even heard of Nitro Ball before this show. We’re talking a lot about the Kool-Aid man, and our listeners have found some great retro game stores in this episode of the Retro League.

This Week in Gaming History

August 21, 1998 – Red Storm Entertainment releases Rainbow Six for Windows, one of the first realistic FPS games

Virtually Retro

Heaven’s Point – A Retro Adventure Brawler – Alpha Demo Now Available


Arcade Archives Kid’s Horehore Daisakusen (Switch)

Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Nitro Ball (Switch)


Let’s reflect upon the glorious creativity of Super Nintendo music

What Retro Games Are Best For eSports?

Kickstarter – Old School Gamer – The Second Year

Use Original Cartridges On Your SNES Mini With This Classic 2 Magic Attachment

Caveat Gamer

Kool aid man video game-1983 original advert framed

Random Links

Gaming Historian – The Story of Spyro the Dragon

Continue? River City Ransom (NES)

Atop the Fourth Wall – Adventures of the Kool-Aid Man #2

Games of The Week

Live a Live (Super Famicom)

Breakout (Atari 2600)

Freeloader Game of the Month



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