Episode 425 – Pokémacarena

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This week we are pretty much ready to call the GameCube a retro system, and we’re looking forward to some live movie heckling. There’s a couple legal struggles regarding retro games, and some game soundtracks getting official releases. We’ve got Simpsons memes and snowboarding in this episode of the Retro League.

This Week in Gaming History

Pocket Monsters Midori & Akai (known in the west as Pokemon Red & Green) are first released for the Game Boy

Virtually Retro

The Legends of Owlia (NES)

Nomolos: Storming the CATsle (NES)

Fluffy Space Escape (NES)

Gesua Hilfe (GBC)

Pac Man Championship Edition 2 Plus (Switch)

Arcade Archives Heroic Episode (Switch)

Magical Drop III (Switch)

Sonic, Pac-Man cross over to each other’s mobile apps


Kickstarter for Rifftrax to air Space Mutiny and Krull live in theaters this year

After Burner II’s soundtrack is getting released on vinyl

The Ending to Ghostbusters (NES) Is Even Worse in Japanese

Over 3,000 Music Tracks by ZUNTATA, the Sound Team Behind TAITO Games, Now Available on Spotify

Arcade Expo 4.0 To Bring 1100+ Arcade & Pinball Games Together In March

ESA opposes potential DMCA rule change aimed at preserving abandoned online games

Star Control’s original creators and new owners are in a legal war

‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Movie Sets 2019 Release Date

1995 Nintendo Merchandising: Retail Display Program Brochure Scans

Caveat Gamer

Metal Gear Survive’s extra character save slots cost $10

Krull Comic Book

Random Links

Marvel Krull Comic Books #1 #2

Games of The Week

SSX Tricky (GameCube)

Krusty’s Super Fun House (Super Nintendo)

Freeloader Game of the Month



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