2017 Link Clearance

Each week we discuss the latest retrogaming headlines and re-releases. Sometimes we cut items from the agenda in the interest of time or because they’re too off-topic. Other times we just plain  forget to talk about something. Whatever the case, here are all the 2017 stories we saved but didn’t cover on the show:


The Retro Hour EP59 – Scott Adams – The Father of Adventure Games

The Pinball Wizard Arcade

Pop Culture Vitamins That Made Us Strong With the ’80s

Remember Zip disks? These election departments do

The Caribbean Sail – Nautical style sailing game inspired by an Oregon classic

X-Files and videotape: The early days of internet piracy

Stern Unveils Star Wars Pinball

Working Apple-1, Apple’s first computer, sells for $355K

Soon You’ll Be Able To Wear The Street Fighter II Jeans You’ve Wanted Since You Were 11

Vault Man 2 – A puzzling C64 game by Charles Grey is here

The ultimate oldschool PC font pack

Watch out, there are convincing fake NES mini consoles about

Mega CD Super Strike Trilogy Prototype Reaches A Playable State

Nintendo could have supported Super FX long before the SNES Classic

Atari ST multitasking OS Geneva/NeoDesk to be open sourced

DaumenKinosaurier demo released for Virtual Boy

Best Summer Films of the ’80s

Microsoft Paint gets deprecated

Video: A Look At Project Goliath, An Ambitious Wii Platformer With A Tragic History

A Tour of the Alpha 1 Classic Arcade Collection

Restoring a 1998 Packard Bell Multimedia PC

Nintendo’s Old Flash Games Are Being Rescued from the Bowels of the Internet

Retrospective: Tiger Electronics and Your Family’s Brutal Failure to Climb Into Middle Class

Super Mario Odyssey has the best nostalgic Easter egg

Lance Guest saves the day as the Last Starfighter

Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game to Be Adapted into Film

RetroForce – A great ZX Spectrum homage to the StarForce/MegaForce arcade game

The Complete History of Rockstar Games on Nintendo Platforms

Nintendo VHS Promo Restoration! Diddy Kong Racing

Atari Ireland: Tipperary’s Arcade Connection

Getting my Amiga 1000 online

The Apple IIe design guidelines

And lastly, a couple articles from the blog that we blatantly stole the “link clearance” idea from:

Who implemented the Windows NT blue screen of death?

If you configure a program to run in Windows 2000 compatibility mode, then it is also vulnerable to Windows 2000 security issues

Why did Windows 95 store image list bitmaps four-across instead of as a strict vertical strip?