Episode 412 – Imagic: the Gathering

TRL episode 412 art

This week week we remember the resonance cascade scenario that happened at the Black Mesa Research Facility despite efforts to cover it up. We are mildly confused about Karnov’s Revenge and Salamander but we do know that there is lots of fun to be had for charity over at DesertBus.org. We’re trying not to judge the upcoming Rampage film before we’ve seen it, but we haven’t seen much that we like yet.

This Week in Gaming History

November 19, 1998 – Half-Life first released for PC


Virtually Retro

Karnov’s Revenge (Switch eShop)

Salamander (Wii U Virtual Console)

Break In (Wii U Virtual Console)

This Windows 95 Tribute Traps You Inside Microsoft’s 3D Maze Screensaver


Two new Mario lamps for pre-order at ThinkGeek

Rocket Ranger ? Extended Collector’s Edition available for pre-order

Desert Bus For Hope is live with their 11th annual fundraiser

Caveat Gamer

Tuscon Simulator

Imagic Atlantis video game cartridge

Random Links

Rampage – Official Trailer 1 [HD]

Games of The Week

Dragonfire (Intellivision)

Grid Seeker: Project Storm Hammer (Arcade)

Freeloader Game of the Month

Nantettatte Engine

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