Episode 404 – Trader Joe Montana’s Super-Cute SeediVania 64 Online

TRL episode 404 art

Would you rather buy Final Fantasy Nine or Final Fantasy wine? Well, this week you can have both! We can’t draw, but we know the difference between decent art and bad art. There’s a crowdfunding project for a CD-based emulator box and the Super Mario 64 Online project has been stomped like a Goomba under Nintendo’s boot. Why would we want video footage of Square’s games for our ultimate game room? Tune in to find out!

This Week in Gaming History

September 26, 1986 – First release of Castlevania

Virtually Retro

Final Fantasy IX (PS4)

Arcade Archives Mario Bros. (Switch eShop)

Thimbleweed Park (Switch eShop)  

Art of Fighting (Switch eShop)

Pokémon Gold and Silver (3DS Virtual Console)

Shockman (Wii U Virtual Console)

Chew Man Fu (Wii U Virtual Console)


Nintendo Takes Down Super Mario 64 Online Videos And Creator’s Patreon

Super Mario corn maze in Chicago suburb

Caveat Gamer

Seedi – Retro Gaming System

Yes, You Can Celebrate Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary with Final Fantasy Wine

Random Links

Only You Can Save Mankind (Johnny Maxwell Trilogy)

Narrative Mechanics – How Missile Command Tells a Story – Extra Credits

Games of The Week

Joe Montana Football (Sega Master System)

Syd of Valis (Sega Gensis)

Freeloader Game of the Month

Microm City (Game Boy Color)


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