Episode 395 – Maybe Not the Worst Version, But Close

TRL ep 395 art

This week The Retro League fights for the user. We might not be autograph worthy, but we are delving pretty deeply back into the plausibility of a Dragster high score. We watched a human go head to head with a computer in Super Mario Bros, and we have two inferior ports of classic 90’s shooter games. If you want to take pictures of the moon you can use your Game Boy Advance but remember that it’s not just a handheld game system, it’s a total life brand.

This Week in Gaming History

July 9, 1982 – The movie Tron was released to theaters.

Hot Topics

Final Fantasy versus Dragon Quest grinding

Megaman Maker

Virtually Retro

Metal Slug 2 (Nintendo Switch eShop)

The Sky is Falling (C64)

Legend of The Lost Catacombs (Vic-20)


Doubt And Drama Still Haunt An Old, Seemingly Impossible Atari World Record [Updated]

Early Super Nintendo Rayman Prototype Released

2bit Astrophotography with the Game Boy Camera

Apparently the Switch has a built-in NES emulator

ReplayFX Arcade & Gaming Festival July 27-30 2017, Pittsburgh, PA

Caveat Gamer

Trade All this for Nintendo switch

Sakasport Game Boy Advance Camera, Binoculars & Radio

Random Links

Super Mario Bros. TAS vs. RTA World Record

Games of The Week

Doom (Super Nintendo)

T2: The Arcade Game (Game Boy)

Freeloader Game of the Month

Jet-Paco, Hyper Special Space Agent!



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