Episode 391 – Professional Boat-sinker


TRL episode 391 preview art

This week we set aside our normal format and talk with Chewie from The Mana Pool about life in the year 1997 and especially the movies if that year. We discuss who was the best actor to play James Bond, what percentage of the Titanic’s lengthy runtime was actually devoted to the disaster and how many movie soundtracks had Orbital back in the 90’s. We also wonder if Kevin Costner was a child when he starred in The Postman and if Con Air was a stealth parody. We find lots of conflicts surrounding the movies of 1997 like: serious cinema versus fun films, Michael Crichton versus CGI, and Austin Powers quotes versus Hugues’ sanity.


TITANIC 1997 Cameron movie LIFE JACKET screen used prop

Mens International Denim Jean Jacket Sz L The Postman Kevin Costner Movie Jacket

Jaydee – Plastic Dreams (a great song for robots playing baseball)

Orbital’s Discography

Stinkor Pillow 

Starwars Vs Titanic

MST3K Academy of Robots’ Choice Awards Preview Special (a recap of 1997 movies)

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