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The 2017 Retro Junk Box has begun and this week’s show has more discussion of action figures than usual. We picked two games of the week that the other person hadn’t played and we try to remember which controllers were made by Mad Catz. Everyone is wondering if replacing a label de-values a game and we’re still trying to figure out how many times Star Wars was re-released and which versions where unchanged from the original theatrical release.

This Week in Gaming History

June 5, 1995 – Street Fighter Zero (known in the states as Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors’ Dreams) was first released in Japanese arcades

Hot Topics

Relabeling carts

Your Favorite Original Star Wars Figures

Virtually Retro

NeoGeo Last Resort (Nintendo Switch eShop)

Select Neo Geo MVS Games Come To PC Via GOG.com

A Hole New World – Another platformer inspired by NES classics gets a release


Explore the groundbreaking Colossal Cave Adventure, 41 years on

Rare Footage Of Sega’s Epcot Innoventions Installation Appears Online

Super Nintendo World Amusement Park Trademark Reveals More Details

A Lost Super Mario Anime Has Been Found and Shown Off in Japan

What went wrong at Mad Catz?

FreeDOS Blog Challenge

Caveat Gamer

Dream Switch Sega Dreamcast by MadCatz

Sega Genesis RPG VGQuality Graded Holy Grail Collection

Random Links

GameStop Offers $12.38 for Entire Childhood

Games of The Week

Q*Bert (Intellivision)

Maximum Force (PS1)

Freeloader Game of the Month

The Green Legion


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