Episode 382 – Megumi Diamonds

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Disclaimer: Rob’s audio was a bit garbled in the recording of this episode. The podcast is generally intact, but we apologize in advance for this drop in quality. We start with the humble beginnings of a major computer manufacturer and remember Super Soakers from the 90’s. We coincidentally both picked paddle/dial-controlled games from the 80’s as our games of the week. There’s a lot of varied listener mail and a lot of Happy Meal talk in this episode of the Retro League.

This Week in Gaming History

April 11, 1976 – Apple 1 computer kit first released

Hot Topics

Quirks Of Getting Games To Work

A Journey Into Capcom’s CPS2 Silicon

Ukulele as a medium of payment for Video Games?

Virtually Retro

World Sports Competition (Wii U Virtual Console)

Super Star Soldier (Wii U Virtual Console)


Microsoft bans console emulators from Windows Store

Nintendo finally fixes Zelda typo after 30 years

Super Mario Happy Meal Toys Are Headed To McDonald’s In North America


Caveat Gamer

Smash Overload

Nintendo Super Mario Brothers 3in Ball McDonalds 2006 Happy Meal Toy RARE

Random Links

Highlights from TRU’s 1995 Spring Catalog

Games of The Week

Megumi Rescue (Sega Master System)

Demons to Diamonds (Atari 2600)

Freeloader Game of the Month

Sir Ababol



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