Episode 372 – You can buy bottled water, but you can’t buy bottled internet

TRL episode 372 art

How archaic is Carmen Sandiego? This Week we’re browsing by boxart and streaming our games from a KGB cloud. There could be a reboot of Starcade, but it probably won’t have the sort of cool prizes we want to see someone win. How long can you survive without internet access? The failures of technology might just be your chance to live!

This Week in Gaming History

January 14, 1993 – Streets of Rage 2 is released on the Mega Drive to much acclaim

Hot Topics

Options for playing NES/SNES games

Are Video Games Becoming Investment Properties?

Virtually Retro

Bitsturbed – PC retro inspired first person shooter

Read Only Memories (PS4)


Kickstarter: Escape 2042 – New game for Megadrive, Gameboy, Dreamcast

1980s Arcade Centric Game Show Starcade Being Rebooted By Shout! Factory

Programming for the NES with Javascript

Caveat Gamer

Play in the clouds

NES Carmen Sandiego Desk Encyclopedia only

Random Links

This was the hottest tech 20 years ago

Games of The Week

Jungle Hunt (Atari 5200)

Route 16 (Arcade)

Freeloader Game of the Month



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