2016 Link Clearance


Each week we discuss the latest retrogaming headlines and re-releases. Sometimes we cut items from the agenda in the interest of time or because they’re too off-topic. Other times we completely forget to talk about something. Whatever the case, here are all the 2016 stories we saved but didn’t cover on the show:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time Gets CD Quality Audio Hack

The 8 Accidents Most Likely To Kill You Recreated With Mario

SNES Mouse Games – The Best (and Worst) of the Super Nintendo Peripheral

Four New TMNT NES Hacks Available Straight from the Sewers

Communist Mario 3 Released

Brief Bibliography about Interactive Fiction History

New Mike Tyson’s Punchout Easter Egg Found 29 Years Later

How the Amiga powered your cable system in the ’90s

Check out this rare animation from Super Mario Bros. 3

Cancelled CD-i Skateboarding Nutrition Game from the Makers of Zelda’s Adventure

Living in 2000 AD: Predictions of the future (1980)

Artist imagines what Instagram would look like on Windows 95

The vaporwave games and glitch art at this year’s Bit Bash festival

‘The Tetris Effect’ unveils the shady details behind the classic game

Editorial: Trauma and Video Games

The Adventures of Musashi Jr. NES Translation Released

’90s Oregon Trail lets you die from dial-up, not dysentery

Arcade Raid Gone Wrong: Cinematronics Sundance

5 New Sega Master System Games

The Definitive Version Of Super Turrican Was Denied A Virtual Console Release Back In 2008

Magic and gender in Final Fantasy VI

Feature: A Night at the Arcade

Famicom RPG Musashi No Bōken Gets New English Translation Patch

Capcom Could Be Planning to Bring Back Old IP

Where Did The Fun Street Fighter Music Go?

Former SNK Staffers Are Bringing A New Fighter To The SNES

Retro Winter Sports 1986 Pays Homage to the Clunky Winter Sports Games of Yore

And lastly, a couple articles from the blog that we blatantly stole the “link clearance” idea from:

Getting MS-DOS games to run on Windows 95: Working around the iretd problem

Getting MS-DOS games to run on Windows 95: Too much memory!