Episode 369 – We Should Give The Aliens Bad Directions

Episode 369 art

If you’ve been waiting for a new 2-D platformer on Commodore 64 that lets you play as a bear, then this is your lucky week! We want to know what your favorite retro-game news item from the last year was and if there are any super-common games that are missing from your collection. How is Mario similar to a parody featured in the old Garfield and Friends cartoon? Tune in to find out!

This Week in Gaming History

December 28, 1990 – Probotector (aka Contra) is released for the NES in PAL regions

Hot Topics

Point and click suggestions

Seeking out new life, and new civilizations..

Virtually Retro

Wild Guns Reloaded (PS4)

Yogi 3 – Yogi’s Big Clean Up – Cleaned and released for C64 after more than 20 years

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic (iOS, Android)

The Bear Essentials (C64)

Mario Party 2 (Wii U Virtual Console)


Nintendo Shares Original Design Documents from The Legend of Zelda

FreeDOS 1.2 released

Nickelodeon Allegedly Creating Animated Film For A Nintendo Series

Caveat Gamer


Donkey kong arcade console video game EXCELLENT – $400

Games of The Week

Bomberman Max: Red Challenger (Game Boy Color)

Contra (NES)

Freeloader Game of the Month

Vantage Master Online




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