Episode 348 – Military Trackballs

TRL episode 348 art
This week MTV is preparing to come back from the dead and we wish the TRS-80 a happy birthday! We also get glitched before jumping from box art to card games based on edutainment. We’re going bowling in the arcade and after that we might swing by Quark’s bar to have a synthale with Chief O’Brien on this episode of the Retro League.

This Week in Gaming History

August 3, 1977 – Release date of Tandy’s TRS-80 computer

Hot Topics

Digital Foundry Retro: Nintendo launch titles

MTV Classic

Virtually Retro

Kirby’s Dream Course (New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console)

Arcade Archives MX5000 (PS4)


Enter a dreamland of glitchy, corrupted videogames

Tom Dubois Talks About Creating Some Of The Most Iconic Boxart Of The NES And SNES Eras

The Oregon Trail is back, but this time it’s a card game

The Secret History of the Arcade Trackball

Caveat Gamer

Dreamcast Whirl

Atari 2600 Video Games You Choose The Games You Want (Labels in Poor Condition)

Random Links

Trekking Through Games: Starfleet Command

Games of The Week

Bowl-o-Rama (Arcade)

Star Trek DS9: Harbinger (MS-DOS)


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