Episode 347 – Arcade Chemistry

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This week we’re celebrating the anniversaries of Sonic and Star Trek with a couple of games that could have been better, but aren’t completely horrible. Fallout is getting back to its roots and our listeners broke records, literally. If you are looking for a whole bunch of scratched discs or want some Sailor Moon in your Quake then this is the episode for you.

This Week in Gaming History

July 24, 1946 – Birthday of Al Lowe

Hot Topics

Input Lag Measuring (NES vs. Emulator)

Kirby Café

Virtually Retro

Retro City Rampage DX (PSP)

Phantom Brave (PC)


Back To The Wasteland: Fallout 1.5 ? Resurrection

Video: Here’s The Ultimate Game Boy Cartridge Storage Solution

Two New Sonic Games Announced, Seek to Recapture the Glory Days

Caveat Gamer

The $100,000 Pokemon trading card you can buy on eBay

HUGE Lot of 270x Game Discs for Various Systems! ~As Is+For Parts or Repair!~ A

Random Links

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5

Japan Will Make Its Last-Ever VCR This Month

Games of The Week

Star Trek 25th anniversary (Game Boy)

Argus [unreleased] (Arcade)

Freeloader Game of the Month

Victory (Arcade)


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