Episode 342 – Welcome Back To The Next Level

Episode 342 art

This week we’re skipping to the final boss but even he doesn’t know how to sell 100 movie-based games in one auction. If you’ve ever wondered how someone could mess up the controls for a Final Fantasy game we might have an idea. There’s sealed Jaguar games, new Sega Magazines, and Happy Meal boxes in this episode of the Retro League podcast!

This Week in Gaming History

June 23, 1912 – Alan Turing’s birthday

Hot Topics

If it’s not cheaper, why do I want to get into retro gaming?

Playing N64 before its U.S. launch

Virtually Retro

Mega Man 7 (New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console)


Mega Visions Kickstarter

Super Mario Bros. 3 Original McDonald’s Happy Meal Artwork

DCJAM 2016 – Dreamcast Homebrew GameJam

Preservationist unearths early build of canceled Ecco the Dolphin sequel for Dreamcast

Super Nintendo convention planned in Greensboro NC

Caveat Gamer

35 Cybermorph Games

Huge lot of 100 Wii games – The Croods: Prehistoric Party – All complete

SEGA CD System Model 2 CONSOLE ONLY – Tested & Working Perfectly

Games of The Week

Raiden Fighters (Arcade)

Final Fantasy VI (Android)

Freeloader Game of the Month

Amulets & Armor



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