Episode 340 – Knock-offs and Costumes

TRL episode 340 art
This week we wound up talking a lot about games that copy other games while we tried to trace the lineage of tile-matching and falling-block puzzle games. Someone made a mechanical version of Pong that looks pretty sweet. We’ve got a ton of shareware CD’s and the backstories to characters who went unnoticed in this episode of the Retro League.

This Week in Gaming History

June 6, 1984 Tetris was originally designed and programmed by Alexey Pazhitnov while he was  working for the Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of the Academy of Science of the USSR in Moscow.

Hot Topics

Burger King Game Boy toy turned into actual Mini Game Boy

Virtually Retro

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble (New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console)


Why are so many devs employing a retro low-poly mid-1990s aesthetic?

Mechanical Pong table transports the classic game into real life

?This Freshly Translated Interview Sheds New Light on the Development of Super Mario Land 2

Man is suing Nintendo over Donkey Kong costume

Here’s Why Getting Your Retro Games Graded Could Be A Complete Waste Of Money

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Reboot Confirmed For Consoles

Caveat Gamer

Playstation 1 Prototype pre production controller RARE

Nintendo 64 Clay Fighter Sculptor’s Cut

Random Links

Texas court affirms game mechanics not protected under copyright law

Archive.org – Shareware CDs

Games of The Week

Qix (Arcade)

Sabotage (Apple II)

Freeloader Game of the Month

Amulets and Armor (PC)



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