Episode 328 – Shirtless dudes and grandmas

This week our 1:1 fighters series moves on to the original PlayStation, we’re covering both the fancy new 3D and old-school 2D style ones. We also discuss the final hours of the Coleco Chameleon, Super Nintendo games on the 3DS Virtual Console, hunks of driftwood painted to look like a Genesis, and more.


This Week in Gaming History



March 7, 2000 – ChuChu Rocket! released for Dreamcast



Hot Topics



Anyone want a taste of what the Summer CES ’94 was like?


Kanye West’s new album name


AVGN is responsible for the entire retro gaming price bubble



Virtually Retro



Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures (Wii U Virtual Console)






What Is Retro Gaming, The Future of the Retro Industry & The Coleco Chameleon


Welcome to TecmoXII, where Bo, Barry and LT remain in their primes


SNES Games Finally Arriving on the New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console



Caveat Gamer



Give us the games of our youth!


Sega Mega Drive Prototype Miniatue Model with controller ULTRA RARE



Random Links



EA abandons “ghost” trademark application



Games of The Week



Darkstalkers (PlayStation)


Street Fighter EX Plus a (Playstation)


Rival Schools (Playstation)


Freeloader Game of the Month




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