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Episode 270 – Debating a Robot

This week on The Retro League we journey back to 1984 to look at the launch of the original Macintosh computer with its impressive 128k of memory. Seriously, that was a lot back then. We also talk about Sega consoles turned into anime characters, Star Wars games, 32X games that are possibly inferior to their Super Nintendo counterparts, FMV gaming, Mario glitches, the worst movies of the 90s, and 80s dancers having heated arguments with robots.

This Week in Gaming History
January 24, 1984 – Steve Jobs introduced the original Macintosh computer

Hot Topics
Trading Cards for Atari & Intellivision
Hi-sCool! Seha Girls
I want your memories.

Virtually Retro
Best of Arcade Games (PSN)
Resident Evil (PSN)
GOG adds even more LucasFilms classics
Dragon Quest V (Android, iOS)
S.C.A.T. (Wii U Virtual Console, 3DS Virtual Console)

‘Her Story’ Wants to Reclaim the Reputation of the FMV Game
Ghost in the Game Boy: Casper Sample Reveals Apparent Publishing Dispute
Ninterview: Learning Retro Secrets With A Former Nintendo Game Play Counselor
Mario develops awareness, plays his own game
The Untold Story Of The Invention Of The Game Cartridge
This Super Mario World glitch is fascinating, but does it count as beating the game?

Random Links
Rifftrax – The Worst Movies of the 1990’s
Text-Only Video Games Don’t Need Graphics to Be Beautiful, Innovative, and Complex. Hadean Lands Proves It.
5 Video Game Adaptations That Botched The Source’s Message

Games of The Week
Pitfall! The Mayan Adventure (32X)
Star Wars (Game Boy)

Freeloader Games of the Month

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Episode 269 – Randomly Generated

This week on The Retro League we talk about a few games with randomly generated content; including an interview with a developer looking to raise a few bucks to build an RPG with around 6.204484017×10²³ possible story lines. We also discuss the growing genre of game-by-game podcasts and wonder if we’d live long enough to do one for the PlayStation 2. In games of the week we look at an obscure PC Engine CD release and a Tetris copycat that the Tetris series later copied.

This Week in Gaming History
January 20th 1966 – Birthday of Jon Hare, one of the founders of Sensible Software

Hot Topics
The most you paid for a game for your collection
The Atari 7800 Game By Game Podcast!

Virtually Retro
JumpJet Rex (PC, Linux, OSX)
Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight (Wii U Virtual Console)
3D Afterburner II (3DS eShop)
Lufia: The Legend Returns (3DS Virtual Console)
Grim Fandango Remastered (
Battle Buggy Grounds (PC)
Read Only Memories (OUYA)

Kickstarter: Vidar – An RPG Puzzler Where Everyone Dies
Kickstarter: Nanoarcade, the world’s smallest arcade cabinet
Animator for Robot Chicken modifies a Nintendo Power Glove for the most awesome animation tool ever
Demake: Super Mario 64 for the Atari 2600

Random Links
Nintendo Game Pack Topps Cards Review – NSG Ep 91 The No Swear Gamer
The Rise and Fall of the Lone Game Developer
Microsoft BASIC for 6502 original source code from 1978

Games of The Week
Ultra Box 6 (PC Engine CD)
Blockout (Amiga)

Freeloader Games of the Month

Watch the live recording on YouTube

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Episode 268 – Jump-kicking a Helicopter to Death

Episode 267 – Bubbles and Treasures

2014 Retro Gaming Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 retro gaming awards!

Best Virtually Retro 1

Best News Headline

Best Kickstarter

Best Retro Hardware Release

Best Episode 1

Check out episode 267 for a discussion about the winners and episode 266 for the full nominee list.

Episode 266 – Catching Up on the Latest Swear Words

Episode 266 art

This week we’re looking back on our favorite moments from the various topics we covered in 2014. We also think about the differences between games journalism and pro football. Strange Sonic fanart has us all grumpy about kids these days with their embarassing fanfiction and their social networking and all this newfangled whatever. Bah! Well, a lot of stuff in gaming is older than you’d think in this episode of the Retro League.

This Week in Gaming History
December 29, 1999 – Shenmue released for Dreamcast.

Hot Topics
Christmas with Sonic CD
Random video game facts
The ColecoVision Flashback Thread

Virtually Retro
Duck Hunt (Wii U Virtual Console)
Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World (Wii U Virtual Console)
Mario Party Advance (Wii U Virtual Console)
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (3DS Virtual Console)
Super Pixel Brothers for Intellivision

New Nintendo NES Clone called Super 8-Bit Released
8 WWE video games we wish were real

Random Links
Gaming Historian – Super Smash Bros.

Games of The Week
Puyo Puyo CD (PC Engine CD)
Gyruss (Atari 5200)

Freeloader Games of the Month
Jazz Jackrabbit Christmas Edition

Watch the live recording on YouTube

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2014 Link Clearance

Every week on The Retro League we discuss the latest retro gaming news and re-releases. Throughout the year there were several items that didn’t make the cut. The reasons vary – some were left off due to time, some were a bit too off-topic, others were too similar to something we previously discussed, but usually we just plain forgot to include them. So to wrap-up 2014, here’s a clearance of all the links we saved but didn’t talk about on the show:

February 20
A (Mostly Recentish) IF List, For Breadth: A collection of interactive fiction games that spans a wide range of settings and genres.

February 23
Fan Translation: Bubblegum Crash!: Knight Sabers 2023 for TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine: Fans of the anime and/or digital comic games will enjoy this one.

March 9
Twine in the Workplace: A couple of interactive fiction games set in the office.

March 10
The Web at 25: One man’s personal retrospective on the world wide web on its 25th birthday.

March 15
Sega Genesis BASIC: Sega Genesis programming just because a whole lot easier with the release of a BASIC compiler.

May 3
ASCII Grip One-Handed RPG Controller Review (PlayStation): This is an obscure controller released early in the PlayStation’s lifecycle. It was originally marketed for RPG fan but is also one of the few accessible game controllers available.

June 27
Ninja Rahoi Translation Released: This Famicom RPG was not released outside of Japan and is now playable in English.

July 4
You Are Cordially Invited to the Parody World: Monster Party: A look at an unreleased NES prototype.

November 3
Retro City Rampage Gets Beefed Up on WiiWare With ‘DX’ Update: Despite not hitting the threshold to earn money Retro City Rampage continues to be supported on the Wii. There’s still time to pick this up and help the developer reach their sales goal.

December 5
The RPG Consoler – Game 31: The Sword of Hope (Game Boy): A review of a largely forgotten RPG/point-and-click adventure.

December 7
Hiding Behind Masks: The Emotional Depth in Majora’s Mask Examined: Of all the Zelda games, Majora’s Mask seems to receive the most interpretive analysis. This article looks at the symbolism of the masks.

December 16
Cinemaware goes to the movies – Pre-Production Of “It Came From the Desert” Motion Picture: It Came From the Desert feels like an old late night horror film and now it just might become one.

2014 Retro Gaming Awards Voting is Live


It’s time to vote for your favorite retro gaming news and releases of 2014. Voting will be open until January 3rd 2015 with the awards being presented on episode 267.

Vote now:

Episode 265 – Empty Buckets of Responsibility

Episode 264 – Winter Brawl