Episode 323 – Imported Violence

Set your drink down on your gaming table and grab an imported 6-button controller because we’re talking about PC Engine CD fighting games. We also discuss the latest revelation about Michael Jackson’s involvement in Sonic 3 (which we already knew about), the 1000th Atari collection release, D&D on Steam, and bootleg Pokemon games on eBay. […]

Episode 322 – Activated

In this week’s podcast we wonder how long until we start seeing holographic remakes of classic video games. We dive headfirst into some of the most memorable head-to-head rivalries of the 90’s and we wonder whether or not Time Killers was bad. We know the activator was, and it’s never a great idea to copy a […]

Episode 321 – Touring the Content

We were having so much trouble finding things to say about 8-bit fighting games that we called in a couple special guests to help. Critical Failure and the No Swear Gamer join us to discuss topics like the value of physical media versus digital downloads, tutorials and hand-holding in game design, what Rare was doing […]

Episode 320 – If You’re Gonna Fail, Fail Like The Dreamcast Did

This week’s problems are going to be settled the old fashioned-way, with a one-on-one brawl. We go back to the dawn of arcade gaming, but also look ahead to some conventions and tournaments coming soon. You might be able to turn your games into wall art and an underdog has retaken the Donkey Kong high […]

Episode 319 – Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh

This week a plague on the wall is not enough to get us to support bad business ideas. The future of Shenmue might have similarites to one of the Godfather movies. We suggest some systems that might be cheap to start collecting. We’ve got family-friendly games and a crossover from the PC Engine to the […]

2015 Retrogaming Award Winners

Best Virtually Retro Release of 2015 Rare Replay (Xbox) 35% The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D (3DS) 27% Mega Man Legacy Collection (PS4/Xbox/PC) 19% 3D Out Run (3DS) 16% 3D Fantasy Zone II (3DS) 3% Best Neo-Retro Release of 2015 Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (Wii U, 3DS) 51% SteamWorld Heist (Nintendo eShop) 20% […]

2015 Link Clearance

Each week we talk about latest retrogaming headlines and re-releases. Some weeks our show is packed and have to leave something out, more often we just plain forget to talk about something. Whatever the case, here are all the 2015 stories we saved but didn’t cover on the show: January 26 – Canadian Truckin’ January […]

Episode 318 – Space Fight 7: The Adventures of Joe Carry-blaster

This week we can’t lose. We’re starting to look back on our highlights of 2015. We call dibs on the first Super Mario cart ever made only to be stopped by clueless Dreamcast fans and undead from the land down under. We celebrate one of the first computer programmers and simulate owning a lemonade stand. Watch […]

2015 Retrogaming Awards

Our 2015 retrogaming awards are now open for voting. Between now and December 31st you can vote for your favorite games & headlines from the past year. Cast your votes at: http://theretroleague.com/2015-retrogaming-awards/

Episode 317 – Final Fantasy VII Is Better Than SpongeBob

Did a Sci-Fi author from the past accurately predict video games of today? Did a chess game for SEGA CD predict the worst character in Star Wars? This week we’re experts on certain games and playing as the bad guys in other games. So, Happy Holidays, don’t split the party, and may the force be […]

Episode 316 – Let’s Start A Band

You have to get off the couch to follow your dreams in this week’s episode of the podcast. There’s a new text adventure and a new MSX2 game, but Ryu’s Dragon Punch could knock your block off. We’ve got your pics for movies that would be terrible as fighting games and manuals that were actually […]

Episode 315 – The Satisfaction of Donationg

We hope you want to hear about the Virtual Boy, Star Wars, and fighting games because that’s what we’re talking about in this episode. We also have a new SNES game produced on cart, 8-player Super Mario Bros projected around a room, your favorite dungeon crawlers, and games you would buy if we were stupidly […]

Episode 314 – Good Rip-offs

This week we’ve found a couple games that were meant to be educational but were slightly fun. Our listeners have found some copycat games that aren’t bad. We wonder if killing off your own customers would be bad for business. We’re answering the easiest religious trivia questions imaginable and solving math problems on the racetrack […]

Episode 313 – It’s Cool to Be Smart

Do you want the podcast that nerds and babies listen to or do you want a podcast for cool kids that will just blast data into your MP3 player? Which is more British, the Queen of England drinking tea or the Fairchild Channel F? What does the money be used? Can we avoid having an […]

Episode 312 – WormSiege

In this week’s very musical episode we remember the movie with the worst dinosaur puppets of 1997. We will provide a little common sense advice for what not to do on Black Friday. We also wonder how much an R-Zone usually sells for. We’ve got Illinoisan game designers, HERCulean war machines, crop-eating bugs, and we’ve […]

Episode 311 – Two Wrongs Make A ‘Meh’

This week we take a deep dive into the twists and turns that lead to the success of one of the greatest frozen custard fast food chains in the US. We also get understandably confused about Tomba and Tobal. We’ve got cute-em-ups, medival fantasy FPS’s and lots of bootlegging in this episode of the Retro […]

Episode 310 – Bad Ideas All Around

Is there a word other than ‘fun’ that describes horror games? Can you emulate popcorn? Would GoldenEye007 have been better if no one died? What is the worst home version of Mortal Kombat? How young was Neil Voss when he first made music for the C64? The answers to some of these questions can be […]

Episode 309 – Isn’t Dragon’s Lair Already a Movie?

This week on the Retro League we are going back to the origins of Nintendo and of video games in general. We can’t figure out what use spinning tire rims are but we know that video games & consoles weren’t necessarily more expensive back in the day. We suspect that a Sega bass fishing game […]

Episode 308 – Captain Ultra Tricycle and his Amazing Logo-covered Dreamcoat

This week on the Retro League we decide whether to spend $600 on a new analog NES or put that money towards a new kitchen appliance. We’re tying to spend less time talking about games we never played, and instead spending more time on eBay auctions that we would never buy. We’ve got monochrome pinball […]

Episode 307 – The “I Haven’t Played It” Episode

Do you like collecting AOL discs? Can you remember what games David Crane made other than Pitfall? Did everyone you went to high school with have the same name? If you said yes then this is the podcast for you! We take a break from investigating possible voter fraud to compare the budgets and styles […]

Episode 306 – Robots and Bars

This week on the Retro League we compare Atari to Sega and wonder is it better to burn out or fade away? We’re at the final round of our 25-year anniversary tournament and we’re imagining what seperate video games might secretly take place in the same universe. If you enjoy constructing machine guns and hanging […]

1990 Tournament – Final Round is Live

We’re down to the final two games – which of these will be crowned the best game of 1990?   Vote at: http://theretroleague.com/1990-tournament-final-round/

1990 Tournament – Round 5 (Final Four) Results

Congratulations to the finalists in our 1990 tournament. We started with 64 and we’re now down to the final two: Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) vs Smash TV (Arcade) Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)    71.57% Smash TV (Arcade)    28.43%             The Secret of Monkey Island (DOS) vs Ys Book I&II […]

Episode 305 – Generic Negativity

This week we let the hate flow through us only to turn back to the light side of the force later. We cover some classic re-releases and a big hubbub regarding an upcoming game system. We also go over some of our listener’s favorite generic game names. This Week in Gaming History September 30, 1997 […]

1990 Tournament – Round 5 (Final Four) is Live

Cast your vote at: http://theretroleague.com/1990-tournament-round-5-final-four/

1990 Tournament Round 4 Results

Here are the winners from round 4, voting for the final four round will open on September 28th. Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) vs Gargoyle’s Quest (Game Boy) Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)    85.33% Gargoyle’s Quest (Game Boy)    14.67% Smash TV (Arcade) vs Castle of Illusion (Sega Master System) Smash TV (Arcade)    57.33% Castle of […]

Episode 304 – Magician & Dale: Rescue Lords

This week we discuss some of the pros and cons of the upcoming Retro VGS console and there are a few games we haven’t really played but still try to talk about. We find some great re-releases and one of the most generic video game titles we’ve ever heard. If you like multiplayer NES games […]

1990 Tournament – Round 4 (Elite Eight) is Live

Cast your vote at: http://theretroleague.com/1990-tournament-round-4-elite-eight/

1990 Tournament Round 3 Results

Here is the final score from round 3, voting for round 4 (elite eight) will start on September 21st. NES Bracket Final: [1] Super Mario Bros 3 vs [3] Final Fantasy Super Mario Bros 3    77.63% Final Fantasy     22.37% Game Boy Bracket Final: [1] Gargoyle’s Quest vs [4] Dr. Mario Gargoyle’s Quest    55.26% Dr. […]

Episode 303 – Pointless Arguing

This week the Retro League is taking a stand against pointless video game debates. We also recall what is was like to sell the original Mortal Kombat and what it was like when there were only three Star Wars movies. We ponder whether video games are real or just imaginary, and one of us doesn’t […]