Episode 449 – Cast Out of Paradise

This week we found out Jim Carrey will be in the upcoming live-action Sonic the Hedgehog film and all the questions we have about that leave us confused and befuddled. We wish a Happy Birthday to Chrono Trigger while someone launched Earthbound into space. Nintendo’s crusade against software piracy has hit one of the big […]

Episode 448 – Build Your Own Video Rental Store

This week we have joke news articles about GameStop and lazy creators, but real news about the NES outselling modern systems. High-tech cars are getting a software update that will include Atari games and EA is stomping out a SimCity fan game. We’ve got Harry Potter fan theories and a sub-par PS1 game in this […]

Episode 447 – The Greatest List of All Time

This week you could buy a brand new arcade machine and there’s an edutainment parody game awaiting crowdfunding. We question Wikipedia’s list of greatest games, and remember college bowling alley arcades. We find more emulator boxes trying to grab your money and Russian eBay scammers in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in […]

Episode 446 – Chasing the Popular Trends

This week we’re making our controllers wireless and researching a Super Famicom game with a generic title. We wonder if kids these days are so impressionable that they would rush out and buy luxury cars just because they saw one in Mario Kart. We remember Suncoast stores and the Rock is looking back on his […]

Episode 445 – Ban All Coin-Operated Amusement Devices

This week we have evidence that the mythical NES Classic Mini is actually a real product that consumers could buy and not just a scam perpetrated by eBay resellers. We might have to expose our stomachs to cheap burgers in order to get some Mario toys but we were completely perplexed for several minutes by […]

Episode 444 – Gamer Motivations

This week we’ve found the wordiest video game listing on Craigslist and we watched the history of the Betamax camcorder. Sixteen years ago Nintendo had people carry televisions and video game consoles around for an entire weekend in the summer heat and we took a personality test to find out why we play games. Our […]

Episode 443 – Accidentally Religious

This week we are having trouble understanding any non-American sports and maybe some American sports too. We’ve found one of the best pinball arcades that happens to be in a laundromat, but the Atari name-holders have dropped to a new low. Our listeners have picked their favorite movies from 1998 and one of our games-of-the-week […]

Episode 442 – Ben Affleck’s New Teeth

This week the hosts of the Retro League don’t wanna close their eyes or fall asleep because we’re looking back at the movies that came out 20 years ago. We’re joined by Chewie and our old pal Nick to talk about what we were doing in the long-gone year of 1998, as well as some […]

Episode 441 – A Coin To Enter

This week we are joined by a couple of special guests from Mega Visions magazine. They’re working to create a Sega-focused magazine that’s worth keeping, and they had some hands-on experience with some upcoming retro game consoles. There might be a toaster that will burn the image of a famous console mascot into your bread […]

Episode 440 – So Cool That It Must Be A Joke

This week we had an epic quest to search a dead mall in the hopes of finding an arcade or used game store. We wish the Game Boy Advance a happy birthday, while other people on the internet are ready to call the Atari VCS project a scam. We’ve found in-depth histories of both John […]

Episode 439 – VCS = Very Cautious So far

This week some honor roll grunge kids are trying to sell us the 32X. We find good things to say about two 90’s movies that starred Angelina Jolie. Street Fighter 1 almost made it to the NES and someone beat Super Mario Bros with one hand behind their back. We’re accidentally sinking our own island […]

Episode 438 – Bombstained: Curse of the New Art Style

What does the upcoming Thundercats reboot have in common with Space Ghost or the Ninja Turtles? What was the hype like for the Sega CD before launch? What might be the best racing game on the Jaguar? Which genres of music are most likely to sample other music in new songs? We’ve got new Castlevania […]

Episode 437 – Stationary Sonic and the Return of Pogs

This week we wonder how many ‘Johny Turbo’s there are, but we know exactly what percentage of people who will get the upcoming FF7 HD remake have played the original. We’re video game hipsters because we haven’t played the most popular games on a lot of retro systems, and classic Mega Man is coming to […]

Episode 436 – Let’s Podcasting

This week we’re not insulting Prince Harry, and we warn against eating 13-year old honey mustard. Computers are randomly making Mario and Doom levels while we enjoy our relaxing RPG town music playlists. If the return of the mythical NES Classic Mini wasn’t good enough for you Japan is getting an anime-themed one and we’re […]

Episode 435 – Winning Steaks

This week on The Retro League we tackle the hard questions like –  does the world work like a Pac-Man maze or are some people just trolling for profit? Is Tomb Raider an all-time great game or overrated? Is this rumored Neo Geo Mini a good idea? And does a game designed for 6 year-olds […]

Episode 434 – The Violent End of a Sega Power Strip

This week we’re having trouble pronouncing Japanese names and/or translating Japanese into English. We celebrate Panzer Dragoon Saga’s 20th anniversary by seeing how overpriced it has become on eBay, and we wonder who bought a Game Gear game at retail this year? We’ve got the cutest game to feature blasting dudes with a shotgun in […]

The Mana Pool 500 episodes tribute

Recently our friends over at The Mana Pool podcast reached their 500th episode and to celebrate, I made this musical tribute to them. It features several songs and clips from the last 5 or so years of their podcast. The hosts of the Mana Pool are always fun to listen to and their silly antics […]

Episode 433 – Short-Lived Live Services

This week we wonder who was the music composer for the worst fighting games we’ve ever played. We enjoy some Final Fantasy music that’s been crossed over to different consoles and we compare modern live services to DIVX discs. We’ve got Neo Geo fighting games and a collection of NES classics in this episode of […]

Episode 432 – Tear It All Down

A lot of fun was had at the Midwest Gaming Classic convention this week, but Billy Mitchell is facing some serious heat. The Rampage movie is out and we’ve got reviews of the film and of a couple versions of the game. We are pleasantly surprised to find out about the HD remake of a […]

Episode 431 – Student Lounge Arcade

This week the government is selling some beat up arcade games and we’re prank calling tech support. We wonder if the fans of Chrono Trigger care more about it than SquareEnix does. We celebrate the founding of Dragon Quest’s developers and we’ve got a pair of classic arcade shooters in this episode of the Retro […]

Episode 430 – Lost Mail Auctions

This week we find out where lost mail goes and we look back on the last 16-bit Final Fantasy. There’s a little bit of news about the AtariBox but a friend of the show helps us not get too exited or angry about it. We’ve got some bad translations, some wrestling, and a mobile port […]

Announcing the Super Video Arcade

We are joining the lucrative world of console crowdfunding with our reboot of the Super Video Arcade! Download this episode to hear all the details about what the system can play, what hardware will be under the hood, and of course which color variants will be available. Here are some more previews of the Super […]

Episode 429 – Delicious Yoshi Bears: Nintendo Approved!

This week we decide which Quintet SNES game we want to play next and discuss the canon of a hypothetical Street Fighter 2 RPG. While we try to avoid gossip and controversial topics, we do have to relay some reports of bad behavior regarding an individual we’ve interviewed before. We’ve also got some shady projects […]

Episode 428 – I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

This week light defines form and shapes our understanding of space. We also hit the road while trying to avoid cholera, starvation or drowning in a river. Our listeners have shared so many memories of Toys ‘R’ Us that we had to make a special segment of it, and people are making some outrageous demands […]

Episode 427 – Fighting With Bad Controllers

This week we’re taking a deep dive into the Real Bout Fatal Fury games and looking forward to playing Oregon Trail on a handheld stand-alone game. Toys R Us is about to close its doors for the final time, and someone wants to solve the problem that is a lack of IMDB-type sites for video […]

Episode 426 – Chrono Trouble

This week we’re moving out of our parent’s house at age 17 to play some N64 shooters. SquareEnix has disappointed fans again with another port of a SNES RPG, and someone found a way to make Q*Bert freak out. We wish the PS2 a happy birthday, and warn against contacting ET’s. We’ve got burning hot […]

Episode 425 – Pokémacarena

This week we are pretty much ready to call the GameCube a retro system, and we’re looking forward to some live movie heckling. There’s a couple legal struggles regarding retro games, and some game soundtracks getting official releases. We’ve got Simpsons memes and snowboarding in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming […]

Episode 424 – Hardcore Game Art Collector

This week Nintendo is trying to use old games to entice us to buy their newest systems. We won’t be tempted because we’re following the twisted road of Tetris publishing rights. Sega has the answer for your power adapter needs, while the Atari name-owners continue their desperate grab for cash. We may be seeing the […]

Emergency Episode: GamePro August 1995

If you see this post then we had another scheduling mishap and had to release a backup episode. In this one we review the August 1995 issue of GamePro magazine which is loaded with news from the first ever E3. Read along at: https://archive.org/details/GamePro_Issue_073_August_1995 Download this episode

Episode 423 – Rewards and Reproach

This week we saw a number of people given honors or having it taken away, but we’re trying to find the line between Hair Metal and Alternative Rock. We are cautious about getting our hopes up for a Commodore 64 plug & play system, and we might have to start rating 90’s TV commercials in […]