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Episode 247 – Retro Power Fun Club

Episode 246 – Looks Good in Screenshot Form

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Episode 245 – No updates required

Episode 245 art


This week the Retro League is comparing various different versious of games, handheld versus console and arcade versus home systems. We find out how to hook up a hard disk to a Dreamcast, but are still not sure why anyone would do that. An even more bloody version of Doom 2 leads us to thinking about hyper-violent games. We’ve got some cool chiptunes and 8-bit music, toy guns with AR games, rock concerts from a total nerd’s perspective and more in this episode!

This Week in Gaming History
August 2, 1994 Shiny Entertainment releases Earthworm Jim.

Hot Topics
Games You No Longer Enjoy
Perfect Games
1st console game that was superior to its arcade counterpart

Virtually Retro
Freedom Planet (PC/Steam)
Twin Tiger Shark – Retro inspired shoot ‘em up (PC)
Mega Man Battle Network (Wii U Virtual Console)

Hardware Hack: Working Dreamcast Hard Drive
Austin Classic Gaming Fest, August 16-17
Aegis Defenders – A 16-bit Tactical Platformer
ASTROGUN is like Asteroids on Steroids
New OverClocked Remix Album: Game Boy 25th Anniversary

Random Links
8bit Grunge
Uncivil War: Doom II – King of Hell (explicit)
Is it possible to escape software-update hell?
The 5 Most Sadistic ‘Game Over’ Scenes in Video Game History

Games of The Week
Mega Man 2 (Game Boy)
Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap (Sega Master System)

Freeloader Games of the Month
Clyde’s Revenge

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Interview – Midboss and Read Only Memories

ROM interview art

Rob & Hugues were joined by Matt Conn, Ted DiNola, and John James of Midboss to talk about their upcoming game: Read Only Memories. We discussed the good & bad of 80′s & 90′s adventure games, LGBT characters in video games, and some well known and not-so-well known classic games.

Midboss site, where you can preorder the game

Play the Beta on Ouya right now!

Greenlight the game on Steam

Gaming In Color



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Episode 244 – We Should Be Getting Free Stuff

episode 244 art


This week, after a slighty rambling intro we play “Is it Atari 2600 or iPhone shovelware?”. We also wonder if video games could be considered sports. We are more certain about which controller was the worst one for fighting games. We’re dealing with child alergies and remembering the first consoles we earned and paid for ourselves in this episode of the Retro League.

This Week in Gaming History
July 27, 1990 – Dr. Mario first released for Famicom and Game Boy

Hot Topics
Nintendo Flight Sims
Playstation Car Combat games!
The Most With The Least

Virtually Retro
Uforia: The Saga (Wii U Virtual Console)
Blaster Master (3DS Virtual Console)
King of Fighters ‘98 (Android)
Forsaken Isle – Wilderness survival in an RPG SNES style for early access

Here’s why it’s important to know the blood types of video game characters
Warner Bros. nabs Space Invaders film rights
GOG.COM now supports Linux – 50 games available
New Intellivision MultiCart
Retro Camera App – Retrospecs
It Came From The Desert – Cinemaware’s unreleased SEGA action version is coming
NES30 GamePad

Random Links
The almost forgotten story of the Amiga 2000
The 5 Most Embarrassing Video Game Commercials Ever Made
Hausbell Mini H7 2.4GHz Wireless Entertainment Keyboard with Touchpad for PC, Pad, Andriod TV Box, Google TV Box, Xbox360, PS3 & HTPC/IPTV (Black)

Games of The Week
Mattel Football (Handheld)
Captain America and The Avengers (NES)

Freeloader Games of the Month
Game of Thrones 8-bit

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Interview – Classic Gaming Expo 2014

Classic Gaming Expo 2014

In this interview we’re talking to Scott Schreiber about the Classic Gaming Expo 2014. Listen to learn about the history of the show, the events planned for this year, and some general Las Vegas survival tips.

This year’s show will be the biggest yet and we hope many of our listeners will attend. Make your reservations now at –

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Episode 243 – VERY RARE L@@K!

Episode 242 – Across Time and Parallel Realities

Episode 242 art


This week on the Retro League we get out our SNES mousepads and discuss whether mixed martial arts is more dangerous than pro wrestling. We bring up baseball multiple times and er mah gerd we’ve got Goosebumps! There’s some game-to-movie adaptations that got it wrong and we’ve got another Another World re-released. We’ve traveling to the plains of Africa and then beyond the bounds of time and space in this episode!

This Week in Gaming History
July 14, 1992 – Mario Paint first released on Super Famicom

Hot Topics
Play Ball!
Inafune + Kickstarter • Money (/MegaMan) = Animated Series?
Video Gaming Comfort Food

Virtually Retro
Bases Loaded (Wii U Virtual Console, 3DS Virtual Console)
Quest for Infamy (PC)
Q*Bert Rebooted (Steam)
Another World 20th Anniversary Edition (PSN)

This DIY Game Boy Pocket Uses A Raspberry Pi To Bring You Absolute, Unending Joy
New Homebrew – Sega Master System Brawl

Random Links
SEGA Nerdcast: Episode 57 (The wrestling special)
5 Video Game Versions of Movies That Add Insane Plot Twists

Games of The Week
Chrono Cross (PlayStation)
Lion (PC – DOS)

Freeloader Games of the Month
Game of Thrones 8-bit

Watch the live recording on YouTube

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Archives – Launch Titles Series


We’re happy to announce our first episode archive release – our Launch Titles series from 2012.

This series contains 20 episodes running over 34 hours long. In each episode we examine a system launch, the impact it had on the market, and of course its launch titles. We cover everything from the Atari 2600 through the Game Boy Advance. Included in this album is a bonus track where we pick our favorite, and least favorite, launch titles.

This album is available DRM-free on for under 4 cents an hour. By supporting this first archive release you will enable us to work on re-releasing more episodes including ones from our early days that haven’t been available in over three years.

Get this series at